Tips for INFJs During the Holidays

  • Find a place wherever you are that you can get a few seconds of silence and meditate there
  • Bring a small notebook, if you find yourself in a group of people and getting drained, start thinking of your next creative project and make yourself some notes
  • Read a book on your Kindle phone app
  • Do a small yoga practice in the morning before leaving to go anywhere, or in your room if you are staying with family
  • Tell people when you need a break; it doesn’t have to be confrontational
  • Offer to help in the kitchen — it’s typically mindless and you can connect with people over where all the dishes go
  • Find the pets! And give them a snuggle or scratch
  • For gift giving: find a fun gift that is universal, and buy one for everyone on your list (this year we did Christmas colored hot chocolate bombs — so fun and we can give them to everyone!)



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Teal Geiger

Teal Geiger

I am an intuitive writer, MBTI enthusiast and an INFJ.