The Server Archetype

Teal Geiger
2 min readJul 26, 2020


I’ve been researching archetypes recently and have learned all about the different types. There are seven different archetypes; sage, server, scholar, priest, warrior, king and artisan. The idea behind these types is that each person has an archetype that mostly defines their purpose in this lifetime. My mom and I have discussed this theory, as well as the types, and we determined that I am a server, and she is a warrior. Given that according to research, the server is the most common role, I thought I would discuss a little about the potentially negative side of being a server, in the hopes that it will help someone (haha not intentional, I swear).

A server is someone who wants to help mankind, and they are purpose driven to help as many people as they can throughout their life. The possibility of going negative with any archetype is possible, as with anything in life. The dark side of a server is forgetting to take care of yourself, because you have gotten so involved in taking care of others. What I’d like to propose is the idea of boundary setting. Knowing your limits and sticking to the boundaries you have set to protect those limits, and subsequently your own energy levels. I struggled at first to figure out what my limits are. Try meditating on this thought and spending some time to yourself until you figure out what you need. Journaling is also an effective way to sort through your thoughts and emotions. Once you have your boundaries solidly identified, try the following to set some boundaries:

· Pick a certain time of the week and block of time for yourself, for whatever it is you want to work on. It could be as simple as reading, or watching a show you like, by yourself

· Have deep and vulnerable conversations with those around you about what you need. You’d be surprised at how much this expands trust and intimacy within relationships

· Pick at least one activity that you do on an on-going basis that YOU enjoy. Don’t pick it for anyone else except yourself. For me, I am on the Board of a non-profit, and volunteer in my local community

Read this article if you are interested in learning more about archetypes, and there is a little quiz in there to find out which one you are:

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